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Why you need a Coach

Elite sports stars have a coach. People playing sports for fun DON'T. 

Successful business owners have coaches. To put together a winning game plan, implement strategies and tactics and develop a winning mindset, an Action Business Coach helps you achieve your goals, guaranteed, and sometimes more! 

And yes, there are plenty of business coaches out there, so like Andy Murray, it's important business people choose their coach with care - here's 3 great questions to ask:

  1. Do they Guarantee an ROI from coaching inside 6 months?
  2. Do they have over 3,500 proven strategies & tactics in their toolkit?
  3. Can they call on the brains & experience of 100s of team mates?

In an increasingly competitive world where only 1 in 10 businesses survive for a decade, an Action Business Coach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.


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Hear the Success Stories

Jame Circus, Managing Director, Estuary Logistics

In the three years we have worked with ActionCOACH, my company has gone from 5 employes to 40. We now have three offices in the UK and have increased our turnover from £2.4m in 2012 be on course to turnover just over £10m in 2014. Our net profits in 2012 were £56k, in 2014 this will exceed £500k.

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Who is Nik Gray
  • Imagine a world where your team work and achieve results without stress
  • You're working ON the business moving it forward not IN
  • Profits are increasing not just turnover
  • You have a better Work:Life balance
  • You work with a local, down to earth business owner just like you, to get results, push you to where you want to be and have FUN!
  • Part a comunity of local business owners who are improving their businesses and their community

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